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ADspot gives the opportunity to publishers to have the freedom to autonomously
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General Features & Benefits

Global Coverage

Monetize mainstream traffic from every country with a 100% fill-rate.

Multiple Ad Versions

Generate XML feeds, direct links
or JavaScript ad tags.

Easy Monetization

Monetize your visitor traffic on
CPM, CPC and CPD models.

Weekly Payments

Withdrawal of your profits is
performed every Sunday.

IAB Standard Sizes

We support to monetize all IAB
standard advertising sizes.

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Get revenue reports in real-time
without any delays.

Pricing Models


Cost Per Click is a pricing model that advertisers pay based on the number of clicks that have been made to their ad spots. CPC gives the opportunity to pay only for actual clicks and it's a great way to achieve your advertising goals much cheaper.


Cost Per Mille ("thousand" in Latin) is a pricing model that charges advertisers for every 1.000 ad spot views on websites, apps and videos. CPM campaigns are easy to optimize and it is the most common pricing model for brand-name advertising.


Cost Per Day is a fixed-rate pricing model and offers advertising campaigns for 30-day period. Find your ad spot and select how many impressions you'd like to receive within 30 days. The traffic will be delivered equally on a daily basis.

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